Dehydrated Meat Stick 100g

* Human-grade ingredients
* Preservatives free
* Handmade with love
* Natural & Fresh
* Suitable for dogs

Chicken / Pork

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Chicken Breast
Chicken is a great source of protein which provides dogs with lots of energy. It contains vitamins and minerals as well. This will promote good health and boost your pet’s immune system.

Pork is a good source of vitamins and minerals like phosphorus, selenium, and thiamine. Pork is actually richer in thiamine, a B vitamin required for a range of bodily functions, than other red meats like beef and lamb. Vitamins B6 and B12, also found abundantly in pork, are essential for blood cell formation and brain function. The selenium in pork is essential for proper thyroid function. Pork is also an excellent source of iron.


*** Store in a cool and dry place, refrigerate for a longer storage period. Avoid moisture. Once opened, best consumed within 1 month.



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Chicken – Original, Chicken – Basil, Chicken – Rosemary, Pork – Original, Pork – Basil, Pork – Rosemary


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